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Budding Kiko Lamp


For centuries, Izayleans used the Kiko plant to support many aspects of daily life. The leaves were used for thatched roofs, and the mild, nutritious fruits were a staple in the Izaylean diet. Although with the advance of technology, they no longer rely on the Kiko, it is revered within Izaylean society and is seen as a symbol of their close connection to nature.

The Budding Kiko Lamp represents a vibrant, young Kiko plant. At this stage in the plant's lifecycle, its leaves curve inwards towards each other. Slightly smaller than the Kiko Blossom, the Budding Kiko rests upon four legs. The bulb, once a source of life for the Izayleans, will cast a warm glow into your home.

- Materials: Albesia wood, palm leaf, thread

- Rests on 4 legs

- Hand-crafted in Bali

- Dimensions: 13" x 9" x 5"

- Available in dark or light wood

- Lightbulb requirements: 

LED (mandatory)
Warm light: 2700K - 3000K
Brightness:  600-1000 LM
Maximum 15W LED Bulb
e26 or e27 Base
Size bulb: A15, A17 OR A19

(Order one here or buy your own.

Note: Because our Kiko lamps are made by hand, each one may look slightly different.

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