About Us

Sorano7 is our ship. Our mission: explore the galaxy far and wide in search of beautiful, unique, futuristic products and bring them together on one platform. We discover planets, each with its own aesthetic, and curate a selection of products inspired by that planet.

Meet the Crew:

Lauren Berkman Margolick (Princess LB), Co-captain

Adventure and exploration run deep through Lauren's veins. Exploring the planet in search of beauty in humanity, geology, and handcrafted souvenirs are what keep her in motion. When she's not aboard the S7 with her shipmate Princess Clea, Lauren is scheming up her next adventure with her husband Joe and little Ewok Bear.

Clea Stone Monsurate (Princess Clea), Co-captain

Clea has loved space and science-fiction since was a little kid. In 2018, she had a space-themed wedding, where guests came dressed as characters from their favorite sci-fi stories, and instead of a father-daughter dance, there was a father-daughter lightsaber fight. When she's taking a break from intergalactic travel aboard Sorano7, she spends her time consulting for brands, screenwriting, and playing the saxophone. 

Bear, First Officer and Protector, Native to Endor

Bear is a sentient furry biped (Ewok) who is extremely skilled in forest survival and the construction of primitive technology like gliders and catapults.